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Here at Lexington Computer support we get calls every day from frustrated businesses who hired the wrong company to manage their IT issues. These companies often send salesmen looking to make a fortune on small to medium sized businesses. They promise the world to the client, and then over charge and under support.

Computers are designed to make your employees more productive. Time is money, so your profits plunge during every hour that your network isn't operating correctly. At Lexington Computer Support we approach IT with a proactive process. We eliminate problems before they even start.

Lexington Computer Support Guarantee

At Lexington Computer Support you get professional support with a personal touch. Lexington Computer Support never asks for payment until the job is 100% complete. And we always adhere to industry proven Best Practices. We're big enough to handle any computer problem, yet small enough to give you the individual attention you deserve. When you hire us for a project, you can expect it to be done right. We GUARANTEE our work! And we GUARANTEE your satisfaction!

Expert Technical Support 24x7

When you hire Lexington Computer Support, you get a team of experts plus state-of-the-art Monitor Software checking all your systems 24x7. Wemonitorevery device on your network, prevent problems before they start, and replace equipment before it fails. We're only a phone call away for your choice of onsite or remote technical support.

Whether you need Lexington Computer Support 24x7 or just occasionally we can tailor our services to meet your needs. Best of all you're always working with a familiar face, so you can feel comfortable with the staff who is assisting you.

Why hire Lexington Computer Support over the other guys?

Because you get a superior solution at an affordable cost. Lexington Computer Support provides outstanding tech support at a fraction of the price you'd pay with other companies. You have the most highly trained staff and experienced technicians working on your equipment. So why settle for less?

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