Computers need routine maintenance. Would you run your car without oil? Over time your computer accumulates a lot of junk in a lot of ways, and it can eventually slow your machine to a crawl. So start thinking of your PC the way you think of your car. Like it or not, you can’t simply run your machine forever without it developing some kinks.

If your computer (desktop, laptop or mobile) is running slower and applications aren’t starting as fast as they used to, then you may need a few simple adjustments to your system. Rest assured we’ll have it running like new in no time. We offer over 12 years of computer repair experience, practicality, and affordability.

All of our technicians are licensed and Microsoft certified. We’ll repair or upgrade your system, so you’ll enjoy blazing fast performance.

On Site Computer Repair

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Technology changes fast. And buying a new computer just to keep up can be too costly for most businesses. We can extend the life of your old computer just by adding memory, a new hard drive, or a new video card. Or by adjusting the software to keep pace with new hardware and newly discovered security issues. What to install, how to install it, and do you really need it? These are questions we ask and help you answer. Then we only recommend a new approach when it’s to your benefit.

Lexington Computer Support Licensing and Certifications Include:

A+ Certified Service Technician
CCNA Cisco Certified
CCNA Cisco Certified
CompTIA Network Certified

Been in Business since 2003 in
Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington Computer Support
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