On-Site / Remote Tech Support

The staff at Lexington Computer Support offers outstanding support to our clients both at their place of business and remotely whenever possible. We use the industry's leading technology for remote support of our client's systems to help resolve issues quickly and conveniently.

We offer managed services for our clients who want an all-inclusive package. You can block time or call us when you need us. We are extremely flexible with our support options, always working to meet our client's needs.

Remote Tech Support

Managed Tech Support Services

  • CompleteCare - Monitoring and support for all network equipment with unlimited 24/7 support. Our monitoring software tells us when your systems are falling outside of tolerances or are offline. This allows us to resolve issues after hours that could cause work slowdowns during the day.
  • EssentialCare - Monitoring and support for all network equipment with unlimited business hour phone support. Our monitoring software allows us to ensure all systems are kept current with updates and patches. This allows us to run a more proactive network for your business.
  • BasicCare - Monitoring of network and server. Our monitoring software sends alerts when network equipment or the server is offline. Our clients receive a monthly report on the health of their server.