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A well designed website is the ultimate key to success for any online presence. When a website design lacks flow, is difficult to navigate, lacks proper imagery, or is poorly written, it can easily create a negative impact for any business.

Playing such a vital role, your website acts as the spokesperson for your business. It is the quality and presentation of any given design that draws a visitor further into your website or ultimately drives them away. Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose your business’s web design company wisely. When it comes to merging aesthetics and functionality with the right technology, the web designers at Lexington Computer Support can help provide your business with the web presence it deserves.

Lexington Computer Support has a department solely dedicated to website design and development. Whether you’re looking for custom website design, SEO, flash integration, database driven programming,

e-commerce web design, or any other web portal development, Lexington Computer Support brings a host of services all under one roof. The web designers at Lexington Computer Support have 10+ years of experience and only deliver the best in adherence to industry certified processes and standards. If you want to get ahead of the competition, look no further as we can design a highly optimized website customized specifically for your business, helping you convert your website’s visitors into new customers and clients.

Lexington Computer Support’s Website Design Methodology


Strong focus on user-friendly design so navigation is simple and easy.

So many individuals desire websites that are visually stunning, yet they lack comprehension or simple navigation. This is a major mistake that can easily cause your visitors to leave in droves. Nobody wants to scour a website for something that should be fast and easy to find, particularly when there are more than enough competitors out there.

Customer Satisfaction

The customer is king.

This is true for any business, and the web designers at Lexington Computer Support realize this full and well. This is why our website design services employ both user-friendly and search engine friendly navigation menus to help visitors browse your website with ease. We also implement site maps to help aid your visitors in finding what they’re looking for. Since the average website visitor does not like to endlessly click menu after menu to locate what they desire, we make sure that your visitors can find whatever they need within a few simple clicks.

brand identity

Highlighting your brand identity to help you stand out in the crowd.

Your online reputation depends a lot on how well your intended message is conveyed to your visitors. The website design professionals at Lexington Computer Support take the time to understand your business objectives, and then they develop visually appealing and easy-to-navigate user interfaces in tune with both your goals and visions.


Addressing usability issues for your visitors to help you make the most from your website.

The web design services of Lexington Computer Support ensure that all usability issues are addressed optimally. Special care and attention are given by our web designers, so your visitors enjoy the best possible user experience.

Website Design

Proper placement of valuable information.

Our web development team makes sure that all the important information is cleverly positioned within your website to catch the eyes of your visitors immediately upon loading. Improper placement of crucial information can cause the visitor to overlook the section, even if offers valuable information.


Search engine optimization (SEO).

As web design experts, we also provide superb search engine visibility. This is very important for both you and your target audience. After all, even the most attractive website would be useless if it’s not reaching its intended audience. Lexington Computer Support can provide you with websites that are incorporated with advanced search engine optimization, allowing the website to be both highly ranked and recognized by all major search engines.

Cross-browser functionality.

Cross-browser functionality.

Our team further ensures that your website will have cross browser functionality so that any user can view your website regardless of the web browser that they’re using. We also make sure that the site loads fast and appears without any abnormalities on all browsers and networks with slow internet connectivity.

Affordable web design

Affordable web design services with an eye on quality and customer satisfaction.

Our web design services cater to all budgets. With prompt support for issues and questions, we make sure that your website goes live and functions as intended with little or no hassle.

Web 2.0 Design

Use latest technology – Web 2.0 design.

Unlike the traditional way of designing websites, the advent of Web 2.0 designs has opened new avenues of increasing user interactivity for websites and e-commerce businesses.

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