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A Comprehensive Guide on Office365 Migration Assistance

A Comprehensive Guide on Office365 Migration assistance –

Here at Lexington Computer Support we offer a wide array of services such as help desks, off site backups, on site computer repairs, cloud solutions, web development, and data security. With so many features available out there, we know it can get jarring to manage your official files through various channels and different applications. We suggest using Office365 for all your needs. If you already know about it, that is well and good, but if you need some help navigating how to set up Office365, please read this post and we will help you configure Office365 for your business.

Why you should migrate to Office365

You may ask yourself what the point is of using Office365 and paying for it rather than its competing software. There are a lot of reasons you should choose Office365. Some of them are given below:

  • Efficient: The first characteristic is quite obviously the biggest thing you could look for in such software. Office365 is very efficient: it provides the right tools for anything you might want to do. If you have the right specifications on your PC, you will never face any sort of glitch or lag on the applications.
  • Easy-to-use: Another great thing about the Office365 is that it is very easy to use. Even for someone who has minimal knowledge about computers, using the Office365 will be a breeze. Everything is clear and apparent. For simple tasks, you will not face any difficulty in usage.
  • All in one suite: The Office365 offers a multitude of applications bundled in one place. You don’t have to look for various programs separately. Whether you wish to make a spreadsheet or write up a paper, you can easily find everything in Office365.

Office365 Migration Models

Now comes the migration part. Lexington Computer Support offers a smooth transition from the services that you are presently using to Office365. There are various models that we can provide for your business, listed below:

Cutover Migration

In this migration model, we will take your data, your mailboxes, and other features that are available on the premises or in the cloud in a single step to Office365. This is most suitable if you do not have a lot of data or content.

Staged Migration

In staged migration, we split the process into multiple stages, migrating the data in batches. If you have a large deployment with an array of solutions, integrations, and features, this is the most suitable model for you.

Hybrid Migration

Hybrid migration is the best option for you if you haven’t moved to the cloud completely because of either policies or compliance restraints. In this model we will distribute your data and services between both cloud deployment and on-premises to make sure that it can work on both these environments.

Benefits of Migration

The infrastructure of Office365 is optimized and will help you get rid of a server-based environment, which will benefit your business by taking the load off your IT department and instead helping them focus on user adoption.

The facilitated support and maintenance that Office365 offers will help your business minimize the amount of effort and money on supporting solutions, and will help you solely focus on your business activities rather than software problems.

There are many collaboration capabilities that Office365 offers, ranging from shared team sites, group-based conversations, video-conferencing, and chats. This is possible because of the cloud experience that Office365 offers.

Lastly, the connected cloud environment will make sure that your business gets to adopt Office365 with other cloud solutions that you might be using, so that you can enhance the collaboration and content management between these solutions and Office365.

Lexington Computer Support Office365 Migration Services

As Managed Service Providers, we are here to offer you a tailored migration method, depending upon your business. We have a migration service kit to help you navigate the entire process. Here are the steps that we will take you through:

  1. Pre-migration

First of all we will check to see if your current deployment has any inconsistencies or not, and if there are, we will fix those flaws before we begin the migration process. This will require us to evaluate your present solution’s entire structure so we can remove any unneeded elements and components from it. Then we shall analyze your content and your user lists and update them and remove items that are outdated or outmoded.

  1. Integration

Then comes the integration part of the process, in which we are going to help you take Office365 and migrate your business to it, then integrate its deployment with any other applications and cloud solutions that you are using.

  1. Post-migration

Afterwards come the post-migration training, in which we are going to train your business users and your IT specialists on how to use and manage the suite and all its many features on multiple devices.

  1. Support

The support services that offer include assisting you in the post-migration period to make sure that your migrated solution is viable, that you get to extend its functionality, and any support that your end users or IT specialists might require.

Office365 Challenges that we will solve

A stalled migration can occur because of some misunderstanding in the migration process by one of the specialists or if you begin the deployment without properly assessing the state of your current solution. We at Lexington Computer Support can help you migrate to Office365 successfully.

Sometimes, a failed migration of custom solutions takes place because of some malfunctioning in the process. If that happens, we can take care of the failed migration and either roll back to the previous solution or figure out a way to successfully migrate to Office365.

We also resolve any security and compliance issues pertaining to Office365, making sure your business is secure and in accordance with Office365’s best practices.

Office365 user adoption, if botched, can ruin the entire process even if the migration was successful, because the end user wasn’t able to adapt to it.  We can resolve that issue by giving extensive training sessions for users and giving them hands-on recommendations on how to use Office365.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at (859) 219 2006. We are available for 24/7 support.