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What To Do When Your Tech Support Closes Up Shop Without Warning

“We just lost our tech support with no advance warning! What do we do now?”

This is one of the most common complaints we hear as techs support providers in the Lex business community. There are a variety of reasons. It’s not unusual for a solo technician to move out of the area, or accept a position with a large corporation. Good technology people are in constant demand, so they get lured away with a big salary and benefits. Or an established technology support company might relocate to a new state with lower taxes, hoping to provide remote service for their existing clients from a thousand miles away. Unfortunately, this is rarely a good long-term solution for the client. Or sometimes a good computer support company closes their doors without warning for no apparent reason. Regardless of the cause – it leaves the business owner, or IT director, suddenly flying solo without a safety net.

You launched your business in the Lex community to generate profits, not to spend your day wrestling with techs issues. That’s why a strong technology support system – that won’t let you down – should be at the top of the list when it comes to long-term, face-to-face relationships.

Choosing Tech Support in Lex When You Need Help in a Hurry

Choosing a new tech provider and/or tech support team can be a tough and confusing process, especially when you feel pressured to make a quick decision. There are three primary areas to consider. Cutting edge features and functionality. Superior, reliable support from customer service representatives and technology engineers. And longevity in the local community.

Here’s a quick list you can use to make sure your new provider checks all the boxes:

Cutting Edge Features and Functionality

  • Offsite data backup
  • Cloud solutions
  • Website development
  • Networking and data security

Superior, Reliable Support

  • Help desk that’s always available for remote support
  • Onsite computer repair and maintenance
  • Fix-it-right-the-first-time philosophy

Community longevity

  • 15+ years in business
  • Local Lexington company

Superior Tech Support in Lexington Kentucky Area

The goal of business technology is to create systems efficiencies, increase decision speed and accuracy, reduce human error, and reduce operational costs. Which adds up to bigger profits and better ROI. Unfortunately, as technology becomes more sophisticated and more complex, so do the maintenance requirements. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have superior tech support that you can rely on today, tomorrow, next year, and over the next decade.

At Lexington Computer Support we’ve been optimizing our clients’ technology since 2003. It’s hard to believe it’s already more than 16 years. Our tech support engineers have more than six decades of hands-on experience under their belts, and we collaborate on a regular basis to make sure everyone’s up-to-speed on the latest trends and techniques.

If you’d prefer to focus on growing your business, instead of wrestling with your technology, then give us a call at (859) 219-2006, extension 300.

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